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Monday, October 17, 2011

There is a post-CCIE life

The best thing about being DONE is that I can finally come home and sit down with something other than a Cisco Press book. I can actually do non-tech stuff without feeling that stab of guilt. I think I've forgotten how, though :o

Next on my tech-related schedule is:
  • Develop a series of workshops for my colleagues going for their CCNA
  • Develop a series of workshops for my (other) colleagues going for their CCNP
  • Write an internal Best Practice document regarding Data Center networking

And I must not forget to have some fun so I'm also going back to my old CCIE SPv2 workbooks. No, not because I want the certification (which I do) but because SP is the most interesting part about networking (imho).


  1. Dear Magnus

    Congratulation for the achievement.I know what that 5 digit number means to you because my lab exam is next week.
    All these years of hard work will just come to 8hrs of stressful session.I guess I am ready, your post have given me inspiration.

    So it is Game on now.Wish me luck.

    PS:I was trying to find a contact like to ask few technology related doubts.If you don't mind please let me know your mail-id.Mine is jake.lives"at"gmail

  2. Great story! I'm a fellow swede going to the lab in february. Do you have any advice? I'm preparing with INE material. Do you work for a consultant firm or where do you work?

  3. Reaper81, sorry for the late response. I had somehow missed your comment. I work for .

    See latest blog post for an advice or two :-)

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