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Monday, January 9, 2012

CCIE Security by the end of 2012?

Nah, not likely. I've bought workbooks and I'm actively following two co-workers who are both studying for their CCIE Sec. For now I'm mostly interested in the technology workbooks but who knows, maybe I'll go for an attempt at the lab myself.

I'd prefer Service Provider, though...

"What's your best advice for CCIE preparations?"

I get a lot of questions from co-workers and others regarding advice for the CCIE lab. Here are my own personal top two. The two things that I truly feel helped tipped the scale:

1) Take care of yourself. During those last months of serious labbing I still took the time to exercise. Go for a long walk, take a run. Go for a swim. Anything that gets you moving. Eat right. Take care of yourself! It really helps you to get the most out of a 12 hour lab session. 

2) Go for that first attempt even if you feel you're not ready. I've written about that before so go read that post as well.

Did you come here from Google looking for tech advice? I have a few of those as well but none of those made an impact as huge as the two above.